About Us

With over a decade of experience working in the fashion industry, from New York to Texas, Ellie Austin turned to jewelry making during the summer of 2020. Born and raised in the north east, and feeling very far from friends and family (even the local ones!), she turned to bracelet making as a way to feel connected to those who feel so far away. GRIFFY began as a hobby to help ease the anxieties and quiet the mind with everything that has happened during the pandemic and it quickly escalated into much more.
The name GRIFFY was shortened from Ellie's maiden middle name, Griffith. A name that she carries from her grandfather, great grandmother, great great grandparents and so on (back to the 1700's) and is now her daughters middle name. Family is incredibly important to her, so it only seemed fitting to let them all be a part of it somehow. 
Through sayings that are emblematic of current sentiment and life goals as well as custom names, initials or personal slogans, she creates playful simple bracelets and much more. Something tangible that can be sent, a little love note, a happy little love present, so to speak. Or a friendly note for yourself! Just trying to help spread joy and smiles. Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged!